The purpose of this page is to acknowledge everyone who contributed to the programmes offered on this website.
We began the programmes in 2010 using UK volunteers in Kathmandu, and this was repeated in 2011 at a deeper level.
We recruited our first staff member, Babita Shrestha, in 2011 who came to theUK and worked with UK education experts to create the first programmes for mass delivery in Nepal.
From 2012 we expanded until we had 8 staff in Kathmandu.

UK Trustees of the Nepal Schools Aid Charity (1119023)

Nepal Contributors & ex Staff

  • Babita Shrestha
  • Sangita Bandhari
  • Indira Sharma
  • Samjhana Thapa
  • Meryna Shrestha
  • Manisha Pokharel
  • Sandhya Acharya
  • Smita KC

Contributions from UK Experts

  • Janice Brockbank (ex Head Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Mel Narongchai (Head Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Chris Powell (Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Jenny Stoneman (Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Sue Barker (Teacher, Haverigg Primary School)
  • Pete Clarke (Teacher, Black Combe School, Millom)

“Without all of these people, NONE of the development of 200 schools, 2000 teachers, or the creation of these online programmes would have been possible. Nepal owes them a great debt!”