Quality Education-Online Learning Update

Quality Education Modules Update


  • This is our first Newsletter since launching Quality Education Global for online learning as we celebrate registrations and interest from Belgium, Denmark, UK, Nepal, Finland, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria. The first Module, Quality Education-The Global Challenge, is now complete with all 11 units uploaded and accessible with passwords for registered users.
  • The first 9 units in this module are essential background material before the last two units can be understood or accessed via a new password. This is important because it is placing quality education in context with early units introducing:
    • The UNICEF mandate on Child Centred Development
    • The UNESCO and UNICEF frameworks of quality education
    • The Millenium Development Goals as drivers for quality
    • Our Nepal research and Quality Education Framework
    • Measuring quality through perception tests such as SEEQ and MALS
    • Our Nepal perception test of quality, the QEPT

Once these units are completed and reviewed a new password gives access to units 10/11. There is now a greater focus on HOW quality education can be developed in a single school or in a whole education system.

  • Unit 10 describes how quality was developed in 200 Nepal primary schools, the process followed and some of the tools used. You will see the effect of pedagogy on quality, how a wider approach is needed beyond mere teacher training. Perhaps most importantly to some, you can now download some of our valuable materials to use for your own programmes.
  • Unit 11 describes how quality can be developed in whole education systems and shows it to be a very complex undertaking involving several transition stages before the final vision is attained. This is the realm of organisational psychology with tools from David Nadler, Michael Fullan and Peter Senge highlighted. This unit is likely to be of most interest to people in Ministries or Departments of Education.

We are now working on the second Module, Educational Psychology, which is taken from part of our Foundation programme described in Unit 10 earlier. This Module will look at the psycho-social learning environment in schools as part of the Quality Education Framework. Three major question areas will be explored: Questions about Child Needs, The Curriculum, and The Learning Process for Child Centred Learning.

Once again the only people who can access this Module will be those who have completed Module 1, and we will release slides from our Foundation programme to completers.

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